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Jonathan Stars Music

 Half the World
Written by me and recorded by Scott Baio. This is my version.

 I'm Gonna Drive - fast rock
ShunPiker radio show theme song. This was the first version
 Until Tonight
Duet with Juice Newton. I never met her. But I knew the songwriter and had the demo and added my voice.
 I'm Gonna Drive - slow blues shuffle
Theme song for ShunPiker radio show - current version. Featured on NPR's Car Talk January 28, 2012.
 Slow Healin' Heart
Recorded in Nashville. It's not my song, but it's my singing and engineering.

I wrote this while listening to songs by David Gates.
 Mama Said
70s-style Rocker I wrote recently while mowing the lawn.

 Shunpiker's Journal Radio Show
This is the interview with Steve Purdy, where Marie and I talk about writing "I'm Gonna Drive."
 Only Love
I wrote this with Dale Soukup in Carson City, Nevada in 1985. He loved Sinatra.
 Here and Now
Co-written with Joan Walker from Las Vegas.
 Sing You A Rainbow
This was inspired by the fingerpicking style Paul McCartney used in Blackbird.
 Moth and Flame
Rhea Van Atta wrote the original song. I came up with this Led Zeppelin-esque arrangment and some lyric changes.
 Soul Mates
Instrumental inspired by Carlos Santana
 Beautiful One
A happy love song
 Our Love Will Grow
Dale Soukup's and my take on puppy love
 Saturday Night
I think of it as Neil Diamond backed by the Allman Brothers
 I'm Gonna Rock
Written with my neice, Marie Finney
 Come On
A rock concert opener
 Here We Go Again
Recorded in the '70s with a Maestro drum machine. It could stand to be a lot more aggressive.
 Life's A Beach
Sharon came into our Las Vegas Songwriters' Group with the words on the page. I could instantly hear the music in my head.
 Dinner for Two
Edgar Struble's music, my lyrics.
 Tramonti E Farfalle
Sunsets and Butterflies by Ted Kmiecik for Marie's wedding
 Better Things
Better Things
Miracolo by Ted Kmiecik for his Marie's wedding
 Creative Juice #37
Facebook ALgorithms
 Creative Juice #36
7 Success Secrets
 I'm Single
I'm Single
 Holding Place
Holding Place